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Title: Insignificant Villa players in history
Post by: martin@ on July 29, 2013, 02:58:01 PM
So I'm driving home yesterday, about 11pm your time, 6, my time, and I'm listening to a football show on satellite radio out here. They are interviewing the manager of Orlando City FC, some bloke called Adrian Heath. Yep that Adrian Heath, and I said to myself, he played for us didn't he? I remember Heath as Sharp's partner at Everton under Howard Kendall and doing really well. Then I recalled he came to us from some club in Spain and did the square root of fuck all before he left for Man City. I know we've had plenty of players who are irrelevant, but they might have been as irrelevant before they played for us. But it got me thinking is Adrian Heath, a player with a decent reputation in the game when he joined us, one of the most insignificant players in Aston Villa history? (Toronto Villa)

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