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Author Topic: worst away day ever  (Read 6510 times)


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worst away day ever
« on: October 18, 2010, 12:28:45 PM »
Not just losing, but everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

Boxing Day 1976 Middlesbrough away.
My Mom and Dad are going in his nice big fancy Datsun hes just got. I could go and do the driving but no, I have to travel up with a mate in my mini 850 and be independent. Who wants to go with their parents when your 19 ?
The games lost 3-2, getting out of town Im actually behind my Dad at the traffic lights as they change, he moves off and I stall. Bye dad ! The car wont start and the headlights are flickering as I try to get going, I pull the choke out to see if that does the trick. Oops, in my temper Ive really pulled the choke out, as in I now have a a button with a piece of loose cable in my hand. Thats an added problem as the car wasnt ticking over right before and for a few days Ive been driving with the choke just ever so ever so slightly out so it didnt cut out. Ok I get out we need to get help, now its started to snow, real snow. I find a garage and the guy comes out and tows us in, charges us about £30 to charge the battery up and get us going. As long as I drive and keep my foot on the gas a bit at all times it wont cut out, sort of improvise using my other foot to the brake. About 30 miles down the lights are starting to dim, it dawns on me that the battery isnt charging so if I stop and I wont get started again. So now, as long as I drive non stop to Birmingham through the snow with the headlights getting dimmer and keep my foot on the gas at all times so it doesnt cut out we will be ok. Dont forget there was no fast road from the M1 then, so Ive got to negotiate down through Ashby and Measham when you come off at Castle Donnington. I nearly made it, I very nearly made it. 2/3 miles from home I stall at a set of traffic lights. After walking through snow drifts in Walmley at 2 in the morning I get to a phone box and the old man comes out to the rescue (they were back at about 8pm).
"Thats its dad, I aint ever going to an away match again!"
"Calm down son, you will you will"

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