Author Topic: A Century (or more) of Birmingham geographical history on one thread  (Read 7481 times)


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In short, twenty years ago a ninety year old mate of mine who was born on one of terraced streets outside the ground, once showed me his birth certificate which he proudly proclaimed to prove that he was from Aston but not a Brummie. As I recall he was recorded as being born in 'Aston within the borough of Aston Manor.'

Now my old man' being from Lozells and knowing a thing or two, and it has to be said happy to make up the rest, reckoned the Hawthornes was purposely built in Birmingham to encourage the wealthy of Handsworth to follow the stripes. This at a time when (as I once read in The Birmingham Metro so it simply must be true  ;) ) Handsworth was a larger and more important region than both Ipswich and  Exeter.

Both now sadly 'Holte Enders in the sky' I can't ask them but if they're right, Villa Park wasn't built in Birmingham but The Hawthornes was. Does that sound right?

Thank you.


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