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Stan Crowther RIP
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Another one gone from the FA Cup wining '57 squad.

Being part of the hastily put together Man U team after the Munich disaster, he played in both the 1957 and 1958 FA Cup finals.
Man of the match in the 1957 FA Cup final, and the only player to have played in an FA Cup match when he was cup tied.

Stan didn't want to go to Man Utd. He wanted to stay at Villa. He was more or less forced to go by Eric Houghton (the Villa Manager) who thought it was the right thing to do after the Munich tragedy.

Stan described the Villa in 1974 as "The greatest club in the country". "It was a great privilege to to play for the Villa but I wish I had quit the game after the 1957 final". "I didn't want to play for Manchester United".

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