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Author Topic: Scorers of Great Villa Goals  (Read 8117 times)


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Scorers of Great Villa Goals
« on: February 17, 2011, 12:08:05 PM »
Whose Villa goals have you enjoyed the most - simply because of the quailty of the goals.

So it needn't be a striker, or even someone who got loads, or even someone who scored particularly important goals.

My shortlist from 40-odd years of watching would be:
ANDY GRAY - scored the best headed goals I've ever seen, and plenty of decent ones with his feet too. He seemed to get so many classic goals, often through not being afraid to put his head where it might get clobbered.
DAVID PLATT - had the knack of perfectly timing runs into the box and just didn't score bad goals.
JUAN PABLO ANGEL - some of his finishes, whether headers or shots, were of the highest quality. I just wish he'd played at a time when we had a better team.
BRUCE RIOCH / TOMMY HITZLSPERGER - I can't seperate these two. Clearly Rioch was a better all round player but did "The Hammer" ever score an average goal? Two of the few players we've had who could hit a rocket shot and get it on target.

My shortlist is getting longer in my head as I write, but I'll let the rest of you have a go now.

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